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Our philosophy is to unite the fire safety industry and to help the owners, managers, and supervisors of buildings across the UK manage their portfolios to a better standard. We can't do this alone.

In 2005, the UK introduced the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. This was done partly with the aim of simplifying the fire safety legislation for business owners and to make it clearer who holds responsibility for the fire safety management of every building. However over a decade later, recent events have shown us that guidance, legislation and red tape has never been more confusing to some.  With so many fire safety providers to choose from and such high stakes at risk, how does a Responsible Person know where to turn when they need someone they can trust.

The Open Fire Forum has been introduced to cut through some of this confusion. We want to look at new ways of doing things. We are impartial and have no agenda other than promoting good practice, logical thinking and honest talking. Fire safety issues should not be debated behind closed doors, and no single body should have a monopoly on decision making. If there's a better way, we want to know. 

We understand that different companies have different agendas. We also understand that it is a very competitive marketplace out there. But we want to foster and encourage a spirit of support and mutual respect within the industry. Reaching out to fire door manufacturers, sprinkler engineers, strategists, fire alarm specialists, extinguisher providers and a host of other forward thinking people, we want to use our contacts to help educate the commercial and residential sectors, raise standards throughout the industry and dispel some of the myths about how complicated things need to be.

We do this by opening a dialogue across a variety of modern media such as the Podcast, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube to get our message out to the people that really matter. Real People. We can only do this if you join the cause. We can only do this with an honest, informed and open discussion. Open Fire. 

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Responsible Persons

Are you the Responsible Person for your commercial company or Housing Association? Do you have questions about your portfolio? Do you want to understand how to get the best from your suppliers or fire safety providers? Talk to us, we have the widest network of reliable, competent and 3rd party accredited specialists in the industry and we'll put you in touch with the right person. Wanna come on the podcast and challenge a specialist? Just let us know.

INdustry innovators

Have you invented the next generation of emergency lighting? Have you figured out how to restore confidence in tall buildings? Do you know how risk assessments can be improved? Come and tell us about it, bring it with you and we'll stress test in the studio and even give you our honest opinion. If you get it past us, you'll find Dragons Den no problem!

Engineers & Maintenance providers

Whether you specialize in fire alarms, fire doors, fire stopping, sprinklers, extinguishers, or signage - we want your expertise. Come on the show when we're discussing your area of experience, and show the world how things should be done by a professional. If you'd like to become one of our associated suppliers, get in touch as we're always looking for supporters.



Are you one of the heroes on the sharp end? Are you guys getting the support you need? Wanna vent your frustrations and give the Government a piece of your mind? Trust us they're listening and we want your voice heard. Tell us your experiences in the fire service and tell us what you think needs to change.

Fire risk assessors, safety consultants & fire engineers

We don't know everything. In fact, we're fairly sure in saying there's lots we don't know. But you can be sure we know somebody that does! If you think that somebody could be you and you want to be part of the revolution then don't hide behind your desk, come and give your opinion. Something wrong with the industry? Tell us, we want to hear. And you never know who's listening - it could be your next client.

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