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Who the hell are Tom & Dave?

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Who the hell is Tom?

Tom Gilbert was born to be a fire safety monstrosity. Forged from the same fiery furnaces where Nordic God Thor found his hammer, Tom can regularly be found scaring fire into submission with his angry beard. In fact, when Tom passed his basic training as an RAF firefighter, fire point blank refused to agree to be an element any longer.

Since those happy days on the noisy end of a 45mm hose, Tom has enjoyed an illustrious career as a commercial fire manager at one of the largest worldwide commercial banks, has worked at a range of Housing Associations and now heads the fastest growing fire risk management company in the UK. Or possibly the world, who knows.

Tom has more recently mastered the art of creating fire by rubbing 2 ice cubes together and can often be found gallivanting across London on his faithful steed Flashover.*

Tom lives in a leafy suburb in Basingstoke, Hampshire with his wife and 4 daughters. Yes, really, and no he wasn’t trying for a boy.

* Note 1: Flashover doesn't exist. Don't tell Tom     


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Who the hell is Dave?

Dave Calvert hates fire. I mean he proper hates it. He hates the way it dances in the moonlight, he hates the way it goes all orangey when its hot and most of all he hates the way it makes his marshmallows taste.

Dave started his career in the Royal Navy, but eventually left to become an Airport firefighter. He clearly likes a uniform. He went onto a successful career as a fire consultant in both the commercial and residential fire sector and now works as the Head of Fire Consultancy & Training at one of the country's leading fire safety providers.

During this time Dave has also won the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the Olympics. In the same event. From home. In his pyjamas.

Dave's hero is Kurt Russell from Backdraft and its his lifetime ambition to meet him. It upsets Dave when millennials who weren't alive in 1991 have never seen Backdraft. If you've never seen it, please don't tell him.

Dave lives in Essex with his better looking girlfriend and has 2 crazy kids from his previous failed marriage. But lets not judge him for that.